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P&W F100 engine line opens at Egypt Air Force's Helwan Depot

April 25, 2007 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Pratt & Whitney, in partnership with the United States Air Force and the Egyptian Air Force, announced today the opening of the F100 engine line at the Helwan Depot located at the Helwan Air Base in Egypt.

EAF F-16D block 40 #9854 from the 272th TFB is parked in a hangar with a sparkling white floor. [ photo]

The Egyptian Air Force's F-16 fleet is powered by the F100-PW-220/220E propulsion systems.

"We are proud to commence a new chapter in supporting Egypt's F100 engines," said Larry Jones, vice president, military customer support for Pratt & Whitney. "This strong partnership represents our commitment to providing the Egyptian Air Force with the highest quality technical support and customer service, ensuring the long-term success of their F100 engines."

As part of Pratt & Whitney's Customer Support program, the Egyptian Air Force's Helwan Depot received facility upgrades in 2005 to 2006 that included delivery of essential F100 engine support equipment, as well as an onsite Pratt & Whitney Field Support Representative who will provide ongoing technical support to the Air Force. The first module, a Low Pressure Turbine (LPT), was produced from the F100 line this April.

Egypt is among 22 nations to fly the F100 engine. Pratt & Whitney's F100 engine family has more than 20 million engine flight hours of operational experience and more than 7,000 engines have been delivered or are under contract.