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Command handovers at Aviano

June 4, 2006 (by Joachim Jacob) - As "Stars and Stripes" reported, both F-16 squadrons of the 31st Fighter Wing (USAFE) at Aviano Air Base, Italy, get new commanders.

Two F-16s from the 555th FS/31st FW arrive at Sidi Slimane Air Base (Morocco) in support of exercise 'African Eagle' on January 22nd, 2001. African Eagle is a biannual exercise designed to practice dissimilar air-to-air training with the Royal Moroccan Air Force. [USAF photo by SRA Delia A. Castillo]

Lt. Col. Adrian Pone took command of the 510th Fighter Squadron after a ceremony on May 30. Pone, who recently served in the wing's safety department, replaces Lt. Col. John Walker, who is heading to Yokota Air Base in Japan.

Lt. Col. Clay Hall takes over command of the 555th Fighter Squadron on July 7 from Lt. Col. Charles Moore. Hall is currently a member of the 510th Fighter Squadron. Moore is heading to Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts.