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Lockheed Martin wins $18m Israeli contract for F-16I Flight Trainer

January 18, 2006 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The Israeli Ministry of Defense has awarded Lockheed Martin an $18 million Foreign Military Funds (FMF) commercial contract to provide a Flight and Systems Trainer (FST) for Israeli F-16I pilot training. This trainer will be used to familiarize Israeli aircrews with the performance of the latest F-16 block 52 aircraft.

An F-4 and a brand-new F-16I #408 flying together [IDF/AF photo]

The F-16 FST provides flight, emergency procedures, aircraft systems operation, and tactical and weapon systems training. Lockheed Martin will provide hardware and software to simulate the F-16I aircraft systems, sensors, weapons and flight dynamics. In addition, Lockheed Martin will provide an Instructor Operator Station, debrief capability and synthetic environment. A software development capability is also being provided by Lockheed Martin to enable the Government of Israel to update the FST after it is delivered.

The Government of Israel has separately procured the avionics simulation, cockpit and visual system, which will be provided to Lockheed Martin as Government of Israel furnished equipment. Lockheed Martin will integrate and test all subsystems before shipping the complete FST to Israel for installation.

"The realism of the FST will provide Israeli Air Force pilots training
that builds skills and instincts required of combat pilots," said Bill
Baginski, Lockheed Martin F-16I FST program manager.

Successfully fielded in 2003 by Lockheed Martin, the FST for the F-15I has been in continuous operation and providing superb training capability meeting the needs of the Israeli Air Force. The F-16I FST, when delivered, will be co-located with the F15I FST at an Israel Air Force Base.

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