F-16 Fighting Falcon News

RAFAEL to Supply RECCELITE Reconnaissance Pods to the Netherlands Air Force

December 6, 2005 (by Michaw) - A contract for the supply of intelligence and reconnaissance systems valued at $40M has been signed between RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd. and the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
RAFAEL's RecceLite, a real-time intelligence and reconnaissance system for fighter aircraft, is intended for the F-16 fleet of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The RecceLite is a self-contained, self-cooled, multi-sensor tactical reconnaissance system, designed to deal with the challenges of the modern battlefield and is characterized by its high level of versatility and ability to handle multiple moving targets over large areas in all weather conditions.

RecceLite simultaneously collects Infra-Red (IR) and Visual (VIS and near IR) digital images within a very wide field of regard, in accordance with an automatic mission plan and/or manual operation. The images and the data annotation are recorded on a solid state recorder and transmitted to the ground exploitation station via the RecceLite data link.

The Reccelite is based on unique technology developed by RAFAEL and on its vast experience in the field of electro-optics. This technology and experience will provide the Royal nethelralns Air Force with the significant operational ability to detect important targets with the utmost precision required for immediate attack.

The Reccelite pod is a derivative of RAFAEL's Litening navigation and targeting pod, which is in use in Air Forces worldwide. Together, the RecceLite and Litening provide a highly effective solution for shortening the critical sensor-to-shooter cycle.