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Lockheed Martin contracted RADA for the next version of "PERFORMS"

May 18, 2005 (by Lieven Dewitte) - RADA announced today it has received purchase orders from Lockheed Martin to develop, test and deliver the next version of Lockheed's Structural Fatigue Tracking System (PERFORMS), and provide related services. Total orders exceed $470,000 for delivery starting March 2005 and lasting through February 2006.
PERFORMS is an engineering analysis tool that provides for monitoring structural integrity and allowing for the optimizing of maintenance schedules of the air forces around the world operating the F-16. PERFORMS works together with Flight Data Recorders installed on the aircraft and is capable of receiving data from a variety of recorders made by RADA and Smiths Aerospace.

This will be the fourth version of the product RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.delivers, with each version adding critical capabilities. The PERFORMS program began 4 years ago, with 3 versions successfully delivered. The current version is planned to be delivered to the US Navy, Portuguese Air Force, Belgian Air Force, Israeli Air Force, Greek Air Force, Jordanian Air Force and The Netherlands Air Force.