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LaBarge gets $2.6 million contract from Northrop Grumman

February 11, 2005 (by Lieven Dewitte) - LaBarge has received a $2.6 million contract from Northrop Grumman to produce parts for the F-16 aircraft. The company will produce electronic chassis used in the fire-control radar system for the F-16.
LaBarge has been making the chassis for Northrop Grumman since 2003.

The work, to be performed at Labarge's facility in Huntsville, Ark., through August, will be for upgraded F-16 Fighting Falcons for the Polish Air Force.

The Northrop Grumman AN/APG-68 fire control radar provides multiple modes, including long-range, all-aspect detection and tracking, simultaneous multiple target tracking and high-resolution ground mapping.

St. Louis-based LaBarge manufactures electronics for various industries.