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Indonesian F-16 jet skids off runway

December 1, 2004 (by Anonymous) - An F-16 block15 OCU belonging to the Indonesian Air Force skidded off runway after landing at the Hasanuddin Airport in South Sulawesi province Wednesday morning.

TNIAU F-16A block 15 shot during an aerobatic training at Iswahjudi AFB Show. It's just "Thundering climbing" after T/O with afterburner lit on. [Photo by Major Agung "Sharky" Sasongkojati]

Authorities blamed failure in brake system for the accident, which left the pilot unharmed, reported Detikcom online news service.

"The accident took place at 08:45h local time (00:45 GMT). It caused the front landing gear to break. We assumed the jet skidded off runway because the brake system didn't work optimally," Hasanuddin Air Force Base commander Col. Bambang Sulistyo explained.

The F-16 (TS-1601), along with another two Fighting Falcons and one SU-27, was planned to taken part in an air show at Hasanuddin air base, and a military exercise. The first jet landed safely but the F-16, which followed moments later, appeared to have trouble, and skidded off the runway about three meters.

Technicians towed the troubled jet fighter to the air base's hangar around noon. It reportedly carried a number of air-to-ground missiles.

In a strikingly similar incident on Tuesday, a passenger plane skidded off a runway. No casualties were reported in the incident.

Also on Tuesday, a Lion Air passenger jet skidded off a slippery runway at Adi Sumarmo International Airport in Surakarta, Central Java, killing at least 26 people.

The Indonesian air force took delivery of twelve F-16 Fighting Falcons in 1990, purchased from the United States. They are based at Iswahyudi Air Base, Jawa Timur Province.