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F-16 Modernization Program for Turkey

October 11, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified the U.S. Congress last week of a possible sale to Turkey of an F-16 modernization package as well as associated equipment and services.

Tail detail of TUAF F-16C block 40 #91-0002 at Aalborg AB on May 1st, 2002. Note the Eagle-Bat logo on the tail. [Photo by Erik Frikke]

The package covers the modification of 104 F-16 block 40 aircraft, 76 F-16 Block 50s and 38 F-16 Block 30s. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $3.9 billion.

The proposed sale will include the following Major Defense Equipment (MDE) items for integration and testing:
  • 180 AN/APG-68(V)9 radars;
  • 7 full mission trainers for upgrade/replacement;
  • 200 Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems (JHMCS);
  • 200 AN/AVS-9 Night Vision Goggles (NVG);
  • 4 AGM-84H Joint Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER);
  • 4 AGM-84 Harpoon missiles;
  • 6 AIM-120C Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM);
  • 4 drones (aerial targets);
  • 1 AGM-154B Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW);
  • 1 AGM-154A JSOW;
  • 2 AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles;
  • 2 CBU-103 Cluster Bomb Units with Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD);
  • 2 CBU-105 Sensor Fused Weapon with WCMD;
  • 1 AGM-88B High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM);
  • 2 AN/ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System (export) (HTS(E).
The proposed upgraded capabilities will include integration of the Modular Mission Computer, AN/APG-68( V)9 radar, JHMCS, AN/AVS-9, Link-16, Self-Protection Electronic Warfare Suite (SPEWS II), HTS(E), export versions of weapons available on F-16s, plus five additional foreign weapon systems: Infra-Red Improved Sidewinder-TVC (IRIS-T) (Germany) and Penguin (Norway), Python-5 (Israel), Derby (Israel), and Spice (Israel).

Also included are system integration and testing, missile modifications, software development/integration, test sets and support equipment, spare and repair parts, publications and technical data, maintenance, personnel training and training equipment, U.S. Government and contractor representatives, contractor engineering and technical support services, and other related elements of logistics support. The estimated cost is $3.888 billion.

"This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the military capabilities of Turkey and further weapon system standardization and interoperability with U.S. forces," the DSCA said.

The principal contractors will be:
  • BAE Advanced Systems
  • Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
  • Harris Corporation Government Communications Systems Division
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
  • Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
  • Northrop-Grumman Electro-Optical Systems
  • Northrop-Grumman Electronic Systems
  • Raytheon Missile Systems.