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Pakistan may get more F-16s after all

September 20, 2004 (by Asif Shamim) - The chief of the Pakistan Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat, stated that the US Government will be looking into selling F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan after the US elections in November.
According to Sadaat, this is a result of Pakistan's co-operation in the war on terror.

Preliminary word is that 18 F-16's will be made available once approval is given by Congress. Furthermore, Pakistan hopes this to be the first of a series of orders for more F-16. Pakistan also wants to push for AMRAAM type missiles.

Pakistan's last order for 71 F-16's was stopped at a production total of 28 which were embargoed and stored. Only recently was that money returned to Pakistan and the 28 aircraft were sent to the USAF and USN. Before the aircraft were embargoed, 40 F-16's were built and delivered to Pakistan. Of these only about 30 are still in service.

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