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Belgian AACMI support contract

August 12, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The Belgian Ministers approved a contract on July 20th for "Depot Level" support of the (Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation system) Flight Profile Recorder on the F-16.
Israel Aircraft Industries/MLM Division, in cooperation with BGT, a company based in Germany, supplied the EHUD Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (AACMI) system (known locally as Flight Profile Recorder or FPR system) to the Belgian Air Force.

EHUD is a GPS-based, rangeless AACMI system that does away with the need for expensive ground tracking stations and a large land area for the training range. It records all maneuvers of the aircraft carrying the recording device. These can then be replayed during the post-mission debriefing.

AACMI systems use GPS technology as a TSPI source and provide some type of onboard recording device as well as generally include a data link. AACMI systems like EHUD also include safety and hazard warning functions.

The airborne pod can be carried like an air-to-air missile on any launcher with an appropriate interface, such as a Sidewinder/LAU 7, AMRAAM Lau 129. The pod receives its power, typically 115V/400Hz, from the aircraft and can be connected digitally to the 1553 MilBus via the umbilical cable or the 1760 AMRAAM connector.

A data transfer device (DTD, typically a PC card) will be inserted before flight and extracted after flight with the data of all participants collected. The debriefing system consists of a linked set of PCs with unique software, various monitoring screens and an automatically synchronised video system. According to customer requirements it can be a complex installation with a projection system to different screens or, for individual and flexible use, laptop-size. Real-time tracking and positioning (RTTP) is by an antenna that is designed to customers' requirements and geographic conditions. Generally it consists of an omni-directional and a directional antenna plus a digital processor with computers.

The German air force was the first in Europe to introduce the FPR/EHUD- system - the leading AACMI system in Europe. It is developed and produced by BGT/MLM, a German/Israeli co-operative venture that set a new European standard in AACMI operations. Since then eight other European countries plus the NATO Tactical Training School in Florennes/Belgium have decided to select this system, or derivatives of it, for the high-value training of their aircrews.