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F-16C crashes on Luke AFB runway - Pilot OK

June 18, 2004 (by Anonymous) - F-16C #83-1161 from the 61st Fighter Squadron, Luke AFB, AZ performed a belly landing on the Luke AFB runway on June 17, 2004 at approximately 1416. The pilot is tought to be OK; the aircraft sustained fire damage.

USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1161 from the 61st FS made a belly landing at Luke AFB on June 17th, 2004 in which only the fuel tank, the right ventral fin and the captive AIM-9 were damaged. [USAF photo]

The pilot of the F-16 declared an in-flight emergency when he could not extend the landing gear. After numerous attempts to extend it, the pilot decided to belly-land the F-16 after expending most of the fuel.

After sliding to a fiery stop, the canopy was seen to go up and the pilot sprinted away from the burning aircraft. The pilot is ok, and the aircraft is likely to be repaired.

[Edit 2005/01] Article was edited based on the discussion below; the aircraft did not run out of fuel, but the pilot decided to expend all fuel before attempting a belly landing.[/edit]

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