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Waxing his plane

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A pilot got up bright and early, and told his wife he was going to wash and wax his plane.

He thought he would be home about 13:30.

13:30 comes and goes. He finally comes dragging in at about 18:30.

The wife is incensed. She says, "Where the hell have you been?"

He replies, "I would have been home at 13:30, but, as I was leaving the airport, I spotted a young lady, who had a flat tire. I stopped and helped her change the tire. I got all dirty and sweaty, and she suggested I come to her nearby apartment, and get cleaned up. I was in the shower, and she joined me. We ended up having sex, for the rest of the afternoon."

The wife says, "Don't give me that crap. You went flying, didn't you?"

Submitted by TrueAirSpeed