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Aunt Mary is an F-16 pilot

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A fifth-grade teacher told her students "I'd like for one of you to tell the class a story with a moral", so little Suzy raised her hand. "OK Suzy" said the teacher, "please tell the class your story".

So little Suzy says "my aunt Mary is an F-16 pilot and she got shot down over Iraq ans she had to eject from her plane. All she had with her was a pint of whiskey, a pistol and a knife. She decided to drink the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break if she hit the ground hard. Then she landed right in the middle of 20 bad guys. She killed 12 of them with her pistol but then she ran out of ammo, so she killed seven more with her knife but then the blade broke, so she killed the last one with a karate chop that broke his neck."

Horrified, the teacher says "Suzy, that's a terrible story. What kind of moral could it possibly have?"

To which little Suzy replied "stay away from aunt Mary when she's been drinking."

Submitted by Tinian