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Fortunate enough to be stationed near family for a time early in my carrer, I lived in a large house with my Mom, Sister and Niece. It worked out well because I was gone quite often TDY and hated paying for an appartment I seldom got to use.

When my Niece would ask where Uncle Gary was, my family would tell here exactly what I was doing that day.

Where's Uncle Gary? "He's Flying"
"Where's uncle Gary?" "He's TDY to England"
"Where'suncle Gary" "He has class today on base..."
For the better part of 6 years, We always told her exactly what I was doing...

Eventually I got married and PCS'd to Montana for 2 years before again getting an assignment close to home and family.

While waiting for on base housing to become available, we stayed with my Mom since it was near Christmas and we wanted to save a little money. My Niece (Now 8) spent the night to visit with us and was un-aware I would be gone on a Training mission the next morning when she left for school.

As she and my Mom were walking out the door for school, , she asked if she could go in and give me and my wife kiss good-by. My mom said 'You can give one to Aunt Peggy but Uncle Gary is at work"

My Niece's eyes got real big and she asked with a bit of shock in her voice...


Gary Hall
KC-135 / KC-10 Boom Operator

Submitted by Gary Hall