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Airframe Details for F-22 #4008

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F-22 Aircraft Profile

Aircraft: 4008 (91-4008)
LM Aero T/V 4008
Local C/N 4008
Delivered USAF 91-008
F-22A Block 10
Current USAF 91-008
F-22A Block 10
Status [w/o]

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Aircraft History

Date Status Local S/N Airforce/Unit Version Name Info
05 Feb 2002 [act] 91-008 F-22A Block 10
22 Apr 2002 [msh] 91-008 F-22A Block 10

Took-off from Dobbins AFB, Georgia on a planned cross country ferry flight to Edwards AFB, California. Shortly after take-off and during rendezvous with two chase F-15s at 1335 hours the F-22 ingested a 8.5 pound Loon in its right engine. Surprisingly even though a lot of damage to the engine, the engine continued to operate normally.

Damage to the aircraft was to the intake and the engine itself. The engine could not be repaired.

31 May 2002 [act] 91-008 USAF 411 FLTS F-22A Block 10
Mar 2009 [msh] 91-008 USAF 411 FLTS F-22A Block 10
Mar 2009 [w/o] 91-008 USAF 411 FLTS F-22A Block 10

Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available
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