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Escadrila 53 ( FAR)

" Vânatoare (War Hawks)"  

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Esc 53 " Vânatoare (War Hawks)" ( FAR)
Version: F-16A/B block 20 MLU
Role: Multirole
Tailband: N/A
Motto: We prey, they pray.
Badge: A falcon on an orange background.

Sideways profile for esq 53 in 2019.

F-16 History

The history of the F-16 within the Romanian Air Force started back in late 2016. Up until now (2019) this is the last country to introduce the F-16 in its fleet. Romania was seeking for a Mig-21 replacement for over a decade and finally made an agreement with the Portuguese Air Force to take over 12 of their F-16s. During 2017 the first pilots were introduced to the type and got their IOC meaning the unit could start taking part in NATO air patrolling missions. In 2018 tasks were further expanded to include the full variety of tasks the F-16 can perform.

FAR F-16AM #1605 is coming in for landing at Aviano AB on December 15th, 2016 en route for delivery to Romania. [Photo by Daniele Faccioli]

Aircraft Markings History

2016 - present

The tail consist of the countries' roundel in the center with the serial number below on the tail base and 'Romanian Air Force' titles in the blue tailband.

Unit History

  • 1940: Activation of the squadron in Pipera
  • 1940: 'Hurricane' Mk. I (part of Grupul 7)
  • 1941: 'Hurricane' Mk. I (part of Grupul 5)
  • 1941: 'Hurricane' Mk. I (Râmnicu Sărat AB)
  • 1941: 'Hurricane' Mk. I (Bârlad AB)
  • 1942: IAR-80
  • 1942: IAR-80 (Mamaia AB)
  • 1942: Bf-109E
  • 1943: Bf-109G
  • 1943: Bf-109G (part of I./JG 4)
  • 1944: Bf-109G (part of Grupul 7)
  • 1944: Bf-109G (Gheraesti AB)
  • 1944: Bf-109G (Popesti-Leordeni AB)
  • 1944: Disbanded
  • 2016: Activation of the squadron in Fetești
  • 2016: F-16AM 'Fighting Falcon' (part of BA 86)

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