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100th Fighter Squadron ( USAF ANG)

" Tuskegee Airman"  

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100 FS " Tuskegee Airman" ( USAF ANG)
Version: F-16C/D block 30 (big mouth)
Role: Air Defense, Attack
Tailband: Red
Motto: N/A
Badge: N/A
Converted to the F-35A in December of 2023.

Sideways profile for the 100th FS in 2007 with special markings on the tail.

F-16 History

The 100th FS is one of the youngest F-16 units within the USAF. But this was the continuation of F-16 operations at Montgomery AP, Alabama when the squadron was renumbered from the 160th FS in 2007. It was decided by the Air National Guard Staff that the history and heritage of the Tuskegee airmen’s 100th FS was more important than that of the 160th, so they decided to disband the latter in favor of the 100th FS. From the onset squadron started training on the block 30 version of the F-16 that carried over from the 160th FS. History of the 100th FS, and the Tuskegee Airman, is known as the red tail fliers. As such two aircraft, F-16C #87-0217 and F-16D #87-0379 were painted in special markings with red tails.

The 100th FS flies the F-16 in a traditional air defense and conventional attack role. Therefore it uses the LANTIRN pod and advanced air-to-ground weapons for the latter. For the air defense role the squadron mostly uses the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile and the AIM-9 Sidewinder. Of this missile the latest AIM-9X was introduced into the squadron in 2009. Together with the aircraft receiving the Common Configuration Implementation Program – or short CCIP – this forms a lethal combination. With the CCIP upgrade the pilots gained the addition of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Sight (JHMCS). This way the pilots can lock on every target without actually having to point their aircraft to the target, but merely looking at them is enough to get a lock. The AIM-9X supports this feature completely.

In 2009 the squadron already deployed to the Middle East for an Operation Iraqi Freedom mission. This marked the first deployment since their transition to the 100th FS.

On July 28th, 2011 while landing at Wittman Regional Airport for the Oshkosh gathering, F-16C #87-0296 ran off the runway. The nose gear sunk into the soft soil forcing mud down the intake. The pilot did not eject but opened the canopy and hoped out. Within hours after this mishap, an FJ Fury vintage jet suffered the same fate ending up in the grass next to the F-16.

USAF F-16C block 30 #87-0217 from the 160th FS is seen wearing special tail markings for the Alabama ANG commemorating the reactivating of the 100th FS Tuskegee airmen, formats with a P-51 Mustang in Tuskegee markings on September 12th, 2007. [Photo by Lans Stout/Code One Magazine]

Aircraft Markings History

2007 - 2023

The tail consists of a red tailband with the word 'Alabama' contained in it. The 'AL' tailcode (for Alabama) is in the center of the tail and the serial beneath it. The ANG logo is between the tailband and tail logo. Most of the time this is all painted in toned-down colours.

Unit History

  • 1942: Activation of the squadron in Tuskegee, Alabama
  • 1942: P-39 'Airacobra' (part of 332 FG)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (Selfridge Field, Michigan)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (Oscoda Field, Michigan)
  • 1943: P-40 'Warhawk' (Selfridge Field, Michigan)
  • 1944: P-47D 'Thunderbolt' (Montecorvino [It.])
  • 1944: P-47D 'Thunderbolt' (Capodichino [It.])
  • 1944: P-51 'Mustang' (Ramitelli [It.])
  • 1945: P-51 'Mustang' (Catollica [It.])
  • 1945: P-51 'Mustang' (Lucerna [It.])
  • 1945: P-51 'Mustang' (Camp Kilmer, New Jersey)
  • 1945: Disbanded
  • 1947: Activation of the squadron in Lockbourne, Ohio
  • 1947: P-47D 'Thunderbolt' (part of 332 FG)
  • 1949: Disbanded
  • 1953: Activation of the squadron in Turner, Georgia
  • 1953: KB-29P 'Superfortress' (part of 40 AD)
  • 1953: KB-29P 'Superfortress' (part of 801 AD, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio)
  • 1953: KB-29P 'Superfortress' (part of 40 AD, Turner AFB, Georgia)
  • 1954: KC-97G 'Stratofreighter' (Robins AFB, Georgia)
  • 1956: KC-97G 'Stratofreighter' (part of 100 BW, Portsmouth AFB, New Hampshire)
  • 1966: Disbanded
  • 1989: Activation of the squadron in Williams, Arizona
  • 1989: No aircraft assigned (part of 82 FTW)
  • 1992: No aircraft assigned (part of 82 OG)
  • 1993: Disbanded
  • 1999: Activation of the squadron in Randolph, Texas
  • 1999: T-38A 'Talon' (part of 340 FTG)
  • 1999: T-1 'Jayhawk' (simultaneous)
  • 1999: T-6 'Texan II' (simultaneous)
  • 2007: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 187 FW, Montgomery IAP, Alabama)
  • 2023: F-35A 'Lightning II'


' Iraqi Freedom'
Balad AB, Iraq (May 10th, 2009 to September 8th, 2009)
This marked the first deployment of the squadron. A total of 240 airmen were deployed to Iraq and over 2,000 hours were flown and Precision Guided Munitions employed.
' Enduring Freedom'
Bagram AB, Afghanistan (April 27th, 2014 to November 2014)
Over 300 members of the 187th Fighter Wing deployed to support the 100th EFS which marked the units' second deployment into theatre. At least ten aircraft deployed in stand alone force instead of the well known rainbow coalition of other Air National Guard units. Unit replaced the 93rd and 457th Fighter Squadrons. In total just over 8000 missions were flown during the 180 days.

F-16 Airframe Inventory


Errors and Omissions

Aug 04, 2019 - 02:56 PM
100 FS errors and inaccuracies

A few inaccuracies and some out of date information on the 100 FS info page.

- (As such two aircraft, F-16C #87-0217 and F-16D #87-0379 were painted in special markings with red tails) this information is partially out of date. The current red tail F-16s are 88-0151, 87-0379, 87-0332, and 87-0336.

- (Therefore it uses the LANTIRN pod and advanced air-to-ground weapons for the latter) This is inaccurate. The LANTIRN pod is not used on the F-16s of the 100-FS, but instead the LITENING pod is used.

- (With the CCIP upgrade the pilots gained the addition of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Sight (JHMCS) This is inaccurate. The F-16's at the 100 FS never received JHMCS. They make use of the HMIT and HObIT system.

The patch image is also out of date, and can be found on google.

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