314th squadron (RNlAF)


314 sqn "Redskins" (RNlAF)
Version: F-16A/B block 15
Tailband: N/A
Motto: Per Sapientam Efficiens Et Immortalis (Through wisdom effective and immortal)
Badge: A yellow centaur is ready to strike on a red background.
Disbanded on July 6th, 1995.

Sideways profile for 314 sqn in 1994.

F-16 History

This unit was the last one within the Royal Netherlands Air Force to convert onto the F-16. Therefore, its history on the type is very short. The unit received its first example from the Fokker facilities in May of 1990. It became operational on November 1st, 1991.

Although the Cold War was over in 1989, the Defense white paper of the Dutch government stipulated in 1991 that the squadron was to be moved to Leeuwarden AB in 1996. In the white paper of 1993 however, the squadron was earmarked for disbandment. The status of the squadron was therefore lowered from September 1st, 1993 onwards.

RNlAF F-16A block 15 #J-143 of the now defunct 314 sqn is seen here at the Open House at Kleine Brogel AB in 1991. [Photo by Ed Groenendijk]

Military personnel of the squadron joined 322 sqn in its deployment to Villafranca AB in Italy at the end of 1993, early 1994. But the squadron itself was not completely deployed there, just as a complementary assistance. By that time the squadron was already placed in stand-by status ready to be disbanded the year after.

The unit was finally disbanded in mid 1995. It only flew on the F-16 fighter for little over four years with the last year and a half as a stand-by squadron.

RNLAF F-16A block 15 #J-145 celebrating 40 years of 314 sqn at Aalborg AB on March 26th, 1993. [Airliners.net photo by Erik Frikke]

Aircraft Markings History

1991 - 1993

The markings consisted of the squadron's logo in the middle of the tail in the original color scheme.

1993 - 1995

The scheme was toned-down in an overall gray finishing.

Unit History

  • 1952: Activation of the squadron in Eindhoven
  • 1952: F-84G 'Thunderjet'
  • 1956: F-84F 'Thunderstreak'
  • 1970: NF-5A 'Freedom Fighter'
  • 1988: NF-5A 'Freedom Fighter' (Gilze-Rijen)
  • 1991: F-16A 'Fighting Falcon'
  • 1995: Disbanded


'Deny Flight'
Villafranca AB, Italy (April 12th, 1993 to December 20th, 1995)
From the start of the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 operations in former Yugoslavia till December of 1995 it was part of 'Deny Flight'. This was an operation in support of the UN-led UNPROFOR troops stationned in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Personnel of 314 sqn was in support of 322 sqn who was actually deployed there.

F-16 Airframe Inventory


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