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Shaw F-16 with a Shaw F-4. This can be either #84-1281, #85-1419 or #85-1420. Anyone has a clue? [Denny's collection]


  • Anonymous on 2005-Dec-25 08:52:10 Anonymous said

    Chuck (ChuckM)

    Sorry can't remember tail number but I was on the ramp when this pic was taken. I probably worked on this tail at some point. The pic was commemorating the arrival of the Block 25.
  • herc1130 on 2009-Sep-22 12:47:20 herc1130 said

    F-16 in this photo

    The block 25 F-16c tail number was 84-1261, which was attached to the 17th FS/17 Amu. This aircraft was crewed by Sgts James Roach, Barry Griffin and me, Keith Baker. IN 1988 the 17th gave up the wing jet to the 33rd and 84-1261 had a standard flash put on it
  • jazz159 on 2021-Nov-24 12:20:22 jazz159 said

    I have a slide with the following remarks. F16C SW/84-1261 19 TFS 363 TFW “363 TFW”. It was taken at Shaw AFB in April 1989.

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