363TFW deployment Desert Shield/Storm

USAF 10th TFS - deployed F-16C #84-1315 "Sabre One" nose art. The 10th was assigned to the 363rd TFW-deployed during Operation Desert Storm. [Photo by M. Steadman]


  • Tim on 2008-Jul-24 22:56:45 Tim said

    formerly 496th jet

    This acft. was formerly assigned to the 496th at Hahn A.B. but carried no nose art.
  • Tim on 2008-Jul-24 23:00:53 Tim said

    Sorry, Brain Fart.

    This acft. carried the nose art "In the Mood" Until U.S.A.F.E. chose to discontinue nose art entirely
  • austin53 on 2010-Sep-04 02:42:55 austin53 said

    Nose Art

    This is Sabre One deployed to the 363TFW(P) from the 10th at Hahn.
  • Steve "Kid" Vihlen on 2011-Feb-07 20:37:36 Steve "Kid" Vihlen said

    Nose Art

    This was my aircraft which my Crew Chief Dave Phillips painted. In the mood was inspired by Jerry Johnson and his WWII P-47 of the 56th FG.
    As I recall, it was the first jet within the 496th to be painted, sometime around mid 86. I left Hahn Nov 87. The artwork remained for a period of time afterwards. There are alot of pictures of the jet in Robert Dorr's books from Motorbooks international. Specifically, "Fighting Colors".

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #84315

    This is the original aircraft to wear the 'Sabre One' nose art drawn on with colored grease pencils by USAF Charles Arroy. Sabre One art was also applied to 84-1310, the boss bird, but painted after the war as 84-1310 did not go. MSGT Charles Arroyo advises one can tell the difference in the nose art by how far the cloak comes down the panel. Aircraft 84-1310, the second one drawn, the cloak came to the bottom of the aircraft panel. The first Sabre One cloak didn't come to the bottom so left room for small text of "To the Men And Women of the FIGHTIN' TENTH."

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