Thunderbirds demo team

USAF Thunderbird #81-0679 is seen from below in 1988 when it was reconfigured to carry ordnance in the so-called 'War Bird project' to check in which time-frame the T-birds could be operational again in their war config. [Photo by SSgt. Chris Allen]


  • Meathook on 2009-Jun-03 01:32:11 Meathook said

    Pilot was Major BJ Java

    Photo submitted by USAF Thunderbird, SMSgt Tom Wharton (Retired), photo take by (then) Ssgt Chris Allen - USAF Thunderbird

    This event was a Thunderbird first, the re-conf occurred within the 72 hour time frame alloted by (then) TAC Standards for the USAF Thunderbird Team for war readiness efforts. This event has not been duplicated since...the pilot BJ Jave claimed "shack" on his first run, that was confirmed.

    Amazing event considering the aircraft required lots of maintenance efforts by all assigned to the team at that time.
  • 510Gh0st| on 2010-Jul-04 04:20:29 510Gh0st| said

    I am not sure how I would react if I was to be on the "receiving" end of this lol. While its cool, I think my initial reaction would be one of laughter, and bewilderment at the face I'm about to be bombed by a White and Blue flashy bird :)

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #81679

    The only F-16 from the Thunderbirds ever to be made combat ready. The Tbirds are required to be able to make their F-16s combat ready within 72 hours. In 1988, this was put to the test. The ground crew pulled it off with time to spare, except for the paint scheme. The jet flew a combat training sortie and afterwards received the nickname 'War Bird'.

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