Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16s

RNoAF F-16A block 10 #296 from 332 skv - although without markings - is touching down on the centerline fueltank when the pilot forgot to lower the gear upon landing at Soesterberg AB in October of 1983 during an exchange with USAF's 32nd TFS (F-15 squadron). The aircraft was made a go-around and landed safely with only damage to the fuel tank. The aircraft ultimately crashed on May 22nd, 1990 in Houffalize, Belgium. [ photo by Martin Oostdijk]


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    Aircraft was on approach to land but did not have gear down. Flare shots were fired to warn the pilot to abort the landing. Was too late when pilot began to correct and the centerline fuel tank scrapped the runway. Pilot lifted the aircraft off the runway and brought around for another approach and landed safely. Damage was only to the centerline fuel tank. Date of mishap is unknown but did happen while with the 332 Skv.

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