F-16 Accidents

Nosesection of USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0421 who crashed into F-16C block 40 #88-0516 at Al Udeid AB, Qatar on June 15th, 2003. Both aircraft suffered severe damage and it was a miracle hat nobody was hurt, considering the fact that the F-16 who was hit was the first of 7 in a row and that the F-16 who hit the second F-16 was carrying live ammo. One of the attached sidewinders even caught fire. [USAF photo]


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    Collided on the ground with F-16C (88-0516) caused by a hydraulic failure. The incident happened at just before 8:00 am local time on the Zulu-1 taxiway of Al Udeid AB, Qatar. Initial unconfirmed reports indicate that a taxiing F-16 lost all hydraulic power and ran into a parked F-16 at about 10 knots. One maintenance troop on top of the parked F-16 was thrown or jumped off the F-16 and was slightly injured, abrasions to his back. Both F-16s were fully loaded with live ordnance, there were also 3 pieces of AGE equipment involved. After the impact, some sort of electrical short is suspected from one of the AIM-9 missiles, that possible ignited some of the fuel and started a fire in the motor of the AIM-9 and on a below mounted avionic pod. This fire was reportedly quit large and it was extinguished by another maintenance troop, possible saving 7 fully loaded F-16s! As the Fire Department arrived on scene there was light smoke but no fire. The rocket motor was still smoldering so about 200 gallons of water was used to cool them down. After it was determined that there we no lives at stake the area was evacuated. EOD made entry about 45 minutes later. They determined that a piece of AGE equipment that was lodged between the two aircraft would need to be stabilized with a crane during the download of the munitions. This effort totaled 6 hours and 33 minutes with the outside temperatures being between 110°F and 133°F during the emergency. EOD removed 4 damaged munitions and one that they were unsure of.

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