F-16 Accidents

Pope AFB firefighters drag fire hoses in front of a C-141 that was destroyed when F-16 #88-0171 crashed into it after a collission with a C-130 on March 23rd, 1994. [Photo by Cindy Burnham]


  • Anonymous on 2005-Jan-19 05:12:21 Anonymous said


    I was there the day it happened it was the 23rd of March on that day 23 people died at the 23rd wing, the Julian date was 082 and all 23 members were from the 82nd airborne. Tragic but spookey 23-23-23-82-82. We honor all who were lost.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Jun-27 21:22:21 Anonymous said

    23rd Maint Sqdrn.

    I was there too. I was in Hangar 3 when a couple of guys came running in saying an F-16 crashed and we needed to get out of there before the Hydrazine cloud came our way. The cause of the crash was ATC. The 130 and the 16 were cleared to land on the same runway. When the 16 was on final approach, just a few hundred yards from the runway, the nose was pitched up so the pilot couldn't see the 130 in front of him until the last second. The nose of the 16 broke off when it hit the tail of the 130. The pilot hit the afterburners hoping the 16 would clear the airfield, then he and the backseater (this was a D model) both punched out. The 16 didn't clear the airfield as this pic shows.

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