YF-16 and FSD Aircraft

The 2nd YF-16 prototype (#01568), seen with a load of 4 Sparrows, including 2 on the wingtips. Given the absence of a radar (the pointy nose was later enlarged to accomodate the radar), this configuration seems odd. [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Feb-29 12:19:38 Anonymous said


    The Sparrow loadout was probably for demo purposes only to show how it might be configured, although the wingtip mounted Sparrow is interesting. Never thought the wingtip could take that big of a load in real-world flight conditions.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jun-20 12:31:56 Anonymous said


    Well, they can carry aim-120s on their wingtips, but i didnt know that they can fit the larger sparrow on them too...
  • Anonymous on 2005-Aug-19 20:48:42 Anonymous said

    O.T (aggressor267)

    I am sure those sparrows were nowhere near their normal weight.
  • buzsawyer53 on 2009-Jan-21 15:39:24 buzsawyer53 said

    Sparrows on YF-16

    I was there.... and those sparrows were made of PVC pipe and wood. They look great though!

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #01568

    The aircraft used to perform some tests with the AIM-7 Sparrow missile. Only with the introduction of the ADF version of the F-16, a BVR missile capacity was added to the airframe.

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