The sole NF-16D, #86048, is still used in the MATV/VISTA programs. Note the tail-mounted spin chute, the dorsal fairing, and the chin-mounted counterweight. [NASA photo]


  • F-16 Lover on 2012-May-11 01:35:17 F-16 Lover said

    Dorsal Spine and CFTs

    I heard that block 15 are much maneuverable than the block 50/52s. Is it true???
  • guest2 on 2012-Sep-14 16:05:35 guest2 said

    Dorsal spine and cfts

    Likely that it is true! logically at least, The early F16s such as block 15 were still very much a light weight fighters. But as they progress to later blocks you find they added bigger engines intake beefed up the landing gear whacked on flir and nav pods ect. This is partly the reason they had block 30s 40s start to crack in the dorsal section of the fuselage and hence the big slabs of sheet reo you see on them. At no stage was the wing area increase so the wing loading would also have increased with all the extra stuff being hauled and this would affect turn radius. However if Scamp or other delta designs saw service or mtav these would improve the turn radius of later blocks.

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