Israeli Defense Force F-16s

  • aaa.jpg
    Head-on view of two Israeli F-16A's over the Mediterranean sea. [IDF/AF photo]
  • aab.jpg
    IDF/AF F-16D block 40 #612, showing the enlarged spine and enlarged navlight mounts on the intake. These aircraft were the first production aircraft with the dorsal spine and are supposedly used in a Wild Weasel role [IDF/AF photo]
  • aac.jpg
    An Israeli F-16D block 30, #020, on the delivery flight from the US to Israel,sporting USAF roundels [IDF/AF photo]
  • aad.jpg
    Two-ship F-16D formation over the Golan heights, still carrying USAF markings. [IDF/AF photo]
  • aae.jpg
    An F-16D block 30, #020, on the delivery flight from the US to Israel [IDF/AF photo]
  • aaf.jpg
    This particular IDF/AF F-16 claims 5 kills (all Syrian) out of a total of 47 kills by Israeli F-16s. [LMTAS photo]
  • aag.jpg
    IDF/AF Peace Marble IV F-16A Block 10, #752, the only Israeli F-16s to wear the standard grey color scheme. [IDF/AF photo]
  • aah.jpg
    An Israeli F-16A 'Netz' delivered under the Peace Marble I program shows off its sand color scheme over the Masada ruins. This particular Block 10 aircraft, serialed #246, wears 140 Sqn 'Golden Eagles' markings. [IDF/AF Photo]
  • aai.jpg
    Two-ship IDF/AF F-16C block 30, #310 and #333, in formation. The 310 was w/o on 24 februari 2003. [IDF/AF photo]
  • aaj.jpg
    IDF/AF F-16D block 40 Barak #612. Note the dorsal spine, which supposedly contains a comprehensive ECM-suite [LMTAS photo]
  • aak.jpg
    Israeli F-16A block 15, #298, at the last-chance inspection before take-off [IDF/AF photo]
  • aal.jpg
    Israeli F-16Cs have enlarged navigation light mounts on the intake, which probably contain electronics. [Photo by Tsahi Ben Ami]