F-16 Technical Details

Close-up of the AN/AAQ-13 Navigation pod (port chin station) and AN-AAQ-14 Targetting pod (starboard chin station) on a Greek F-16CJ prior to delivery. [LMTAS photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-03 03:20:49 Anonymous said

    Henkster (henkster312)

    well this is not a F-16CJ but a F-16D
    This jet belongs to lockheed.
    It's called the product support aircraft. you can find a better picture in the F-16 30 amazing years book by Air forces monthly page 52.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Dec-04 15:03:35 Anonymous said


    I don't know what kind of pod that is on the right, but its not a navigation pod. The navigation pod has an antenna/radome in the spot where that pod seems to have an infrared sensor. It looks like some kind of sensors pod, but not an AAQ-13 Navigation pod.

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