Album Links

  • abc.jpg
    117 Squadron, "First Jet Squadron, Ramat David (Jon Somerville collection)
  • abb.jpg
    110 Squadron, different version (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aac.jpg
    69th TFS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aad.jpg
    Patch used by all the nations that took part in operation 'Allied Force' (Luís Laranjeira collection - via Ricardo Nunes)
  • aae.jpg
    Operation Deny Flight Villafranca patch
  • aaf.jpg
    Operation Enduring Freedom (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aag.jpg
    112th FS "Lets Roll" (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aah.jpg
    F-16C DC ANG ONW (J.W. Groenestein collection)
  • aai.jpg
    134th FS Vermont AG - Operation Southern Watch
  • aaj.jpg
    158th FW Operation Noble Eagle - First To Defend (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aak.jpg
    174 TFW Camel Lot Desert Storm/Shield 90-91 (J.W. Groenestein collection)
  • aal.jpg
    157 TFS (Annelin Hoff collection)