Republic of China Air Force F-16 Patches

  • aab.jpg
    Republic of China Air Force - F-16 Fighting Falcon (Bruce Chahanovich Collection)
  • aaa.jpg
    Republic of China Air Force (Unknown Collection)
  • aaq.jpg
    RoCAF - 12th TRS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aba.jpg
    RoCAF 12 TRS F-16 with Recce pod. (Annelin Hoff Collection)
  • aaz.jpg
    RoCAF 12th TFS Phoenix Eye (Annelin Hoff Collection)
  • aac.jpg
    RoCAF 14 Squadron (unknown collection)
  • aap.jpg
    RoCAF 14th FS "The Lions" (Annelin Hoff Collection)
  • aar.jpg
    RoCAF - 17th FS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aam.jpg
    RoCAF - 21st Squadron (Chris Jensen collection)
  • aaf.jpg
    RoCAF 22nd FS (unknown collection)
  • aag.jpg
    RoCAF 23rd FS (unknown collection)
  • aas.jpg
    RoCAF 26th FS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aan.jpg
    27th FS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aah.jpg
    RoCAF 4th GROUP
  • aao.jpg
    Peace Fenghuang F-16 Program patch (Robert A. Wilkinson Collection)