Polish Air Force F-16 patches

Polish Air Force 10 ELT [Asif Shamim Collection]


  • Anonymous on 2006-Mar-07 13:11:55 Anonymous said

    Asif Shamim (Asif)

    ADMIN NOTES:- 10.Eskadra Lotnictwa Tactycznego (10.elt) was redesignated from 10.PLM on 1 January 2001. The unit officially retired their MiG-21MF and UM's in January 2003. 10.elt is scheduled to convert to the F-16 in 2005/2006 and will operate some 24 TS-11's as a gap filler until the F-16's are delivered. (Sourced info from Scramble http://www.scramble.nl/pl.htm)

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