F-35 Total R&D cost compared to other programs

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How much does the F-35 Program Total R&D cost paid by government now compare to other programs of before?(F-22, F-15, F-16, A-10, F-4 etc.) Inflation adjusted and worth in the US economy, of course.


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I don't know, I would have to google that.
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The costs involved are somewhat difficult to compare as they usually span over quite a long time and are from different time periods. Of course there are ways to make the costs commensurate like convert costs to some base year. Value of money changes all the time and 100 dollars today might be equal to 50 dollars about 25-30 years ago. Of course budgeting methods might well have changed during the decades and comparing F-35 to F-16 program costs might prove to be rather difficult.

F-35 RDT&E has been about 60 billion US$ BY2012 according to latest released SAR. On top of this there is about 13 billion US$ BY2012 for development of F135 engine. This means the whole RDT&E is about 73 billion US$ BY2012 which would be about 76 billion US$ BY2016 (today).

F-22 latest SAR said the development was something like 32.4 billion US$ in then year dollars. This would be something like 50 billion US$ today. I'm not sure if this includes F119 engine or if it was separate item like F135 was for F-35 as I don't seem to be able to get the report now.

F-16 and F-15 were probably much cheaper to develop but I've not found any good figures yet. Of course both were pretty limited aircraft when they entered service and both were significantly upgraded during their service. F-35 will get immense amount of capabilities right out of the box and that has to be considered also.

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