A few questions to active duty folks

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Unread post02 Feb 2005, 02:48

Since I retired and Moody lost it's 16s, I've been out of touch so I have a few questions for some active duty folks:

Is Rivet workforce still around? How about the Quality AF crap? How long is phase now? Does anyone know the whereabouts of E8-9 Dave M. a former T-bird and Joint strike fighter project guy? Maybe at Nellis.


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Unread post02 Feb 2005, 03:45

No, Rivet work force pretty much died out in the early-mid 90's and good riddins to that Quality Air Froce crap too! That went away 98 time frame. You can't run a Military like a buisness!

Phase is at every 300 hours, in 1/2/3 & 4 intervals.

The Crew Chief career field went wide open fighters again, like it was back in the day. We're reallly (for the most part) no longer lokced onto a singles Airframe anymore, but then again... Same for Heavies/Bombers.

By Dave M, do you mean Dave Mendoza? Other wise I really don't know who you're refering to.

Mike V
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I thought only Tech and above could now switch Airframes???

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