F-22 Raptor Fires Record-High 28 Missiles

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This is not on one flight... WSEP in normally a week to two weeks long. And not only to evaluate the weapons but to get as many new pilots to be able to fire at least one live fire missile. These missiles have either reached close to the end of their shelf life or are evaluating a new missile advancement or new aircraft hardware or software advancement. If they are shooting at sub scale drones the warhead section is removed and replaced with a telemetry section. Years (Decades) ago when my unit went down there we were given 12 AAMs so 12 pilots all got to shoot live... The article is misleading about shooting 28 on one flight...
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Has it ever been confirmed that they have cleared for external carriage beyond ferrying? I say this as I could swear I read that they never wired the hard points for power/communications for external use. I know the original intent was for external carriage as depicted in those media diagrams.
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