Cope North Exercise To Test ‘Agile’ Air Ops Austere Airfield

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Unread post03 May 2021, 03:13

Dumb idea..... :doh:



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Unread post03 May 2021, 13:44

Corsair1963 wrote:Dumb idea..... :doh:


I agree..

If they've "flown the wings off" the Hornet/Super Hornet/F-15C/F-16 fleet of legacy jets, one would think this would only hasten the Beagle's retirement. More stress for the airframe, more work for the engines to get that load up to altitude, stay there and the actual weapons themselves.... not sure how bad it is for them. I'd imagine its less of an impact vs. carrying live AMRAAM's, but then again I don't know for certain.

Maybe they're doing it on purpose, to create an urgent "need" for new F-15EX's to replace them... :mrgreen:

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