weapon bays open while taxiing

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Unread post10 Jan 2021, 12:14

In this latest video published by the 388th, at 2:59 mark, you will see them taxiing back to base after a training mission with their bays opened. I don't remember ever seeing the Raptors did that. Any insight as to why ?

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Unread post10 Jan 2021, 12:31

Following video says "Good Morning PANTHER NATION". Last F-35A taxiing back in video under question had weapon bay doors closed. A possible answer for doors open taxiing is for cooling OR to show weapon bays empty for ground crew? ????

388th & 419th FW F-35A 'Panther Nation' HILL AFB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YzQvQQnMgY

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Unread post10 Jan 2021, 20:57

I'm opting to your second point. To have access and make sure munitions aren't unintentionally left on the plane.
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Unread post10 Jan 2021, 21:48

Hill AFB, ground crews wearing jackets...not likely a cooling issue. Also, this appears to be post-landing, and near the parking apron — meaning they’ve been thru the de-arming area. Jet with doors closed may not have had any ordnance in the jet.

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