Pressure increases on [Canada] to stay or leave F-35 program

Program progress, politics, orders, and speculation
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Unread post07 Apr 2021, 07:12

What's the Canadian AAR requirement? Don't expect Trudeau to spend money on an asset that only the Americans use.
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Unread post10 Apr 2021, 11:15

Unlocking this topic - just be sure to stay on topic. ;-)
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The Best Fighter for Canaduh, the F-35 lives!

just had to sneak this in here...
Take an F-16, stir in A-7, dollop of F-117, gob of F-22, dash of F/A-18, sprinkle with AV-8B, stir well + bake. Whaddya get? F-35.


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Unread post10 Apr 2021, 18:57

The whole side bar into an RCAF tanker does highlight the consideration of range.

Only the F-35 meets the range requirements on internal fuel

And once you hang gas bags and weapons on a Super Hornet, the USAF would likely not want to fly their stealth F-35s or 22s to do an Arctic intercept along side a giant radar target.

The Gripen . . . Short legs, no good.

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