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Re: F-35 program updates

Unread postPosted: 04 May 2022, 02:30
by Corsair1963
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Re: F-35 program updates

Unread postPosted: 16 Jun 2022, 16:46
by doge
New Rack. 8) ... e-solution
354th AEW weapons flight verifies innovative AME solution
MCAS IWAKUNI, YAMAGUCHI, JAPAN 06.13.2022 Story by Staff Sgt. Zade Vadnais 354th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The 354th Air Expeditionary Wing became the first in the U.S. Pacific Air Forces to utilize an innovative F-35A Lightning II Alternate Mission Equipment Mobility Storage Rack during an agile combat employment training event at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, earlier this month.
“AME is any equipment like pylons, launchers, or bomb racks that allow us to alter what the F-35A can carry according to mission needs,” said Master Sgt. Amanda Cannon, 354th AEW noncommissioned officer in charge of weapons loading. “If there’s a requirement for bombs, we need to equip the aircraft with bomb racks. If the mission requires missiles, we have to equip the aircraft with launcher adapters. Each MSR holds an entire aircraft worth of AME: four pylons and two launchers. We can configure a jet for any type of mission with just one MSR.”

The new, compact MSR supports the mobility and efficiency components of ACE by reducing pack-out time by two hours per aircraft in addition to reducing the AME cargo footprint by 40 percent; what previously occupied more than 20 pallet positions can now be securely transported using only 12. Taking into account how many pallet positions a C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft can accommodate, the MSR also saves millions of dollars on transit.
“During ACE operations, the MSR would show up to us when we land at a hub or a spoke location netted and lined to protect the assets,” explained Tech. Sgt. Kyle Davey, 354th AEW alternate mission equipment supervisor. “When it showed up, we would take it from storage to ready-to-go in just a few hours. Anything we would need to configure one aircraft for whatever the mission is, whether its air-to-air, air-to-ground, any capability fits on that one MSR.”

Davey said the previous method for packing, storing and transporting AME involved wooden crates, individual shipping units, foam padding and bubble wrap. Due to the tendency of items in ISUs to shift during transit, each piece of equipment would need to undergo a comprehensive inspection upon delivery to assess for damage that may have been incurred en route. The MSR holds each piece of equipment securely within its custom-built steel frame, and a quick visual inspection is all it takes to verify the equipment has arrived in good working condition and is ready for use.
“At home station we keep these packed up unless home station training missions need equipment off of them,” explained Davey. “That way when it is time to go, we do a quick inventory to verify everything is on there and then we’re out the door.”

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Re: F-35 program updates

Unread postPosted: 19 Nov 2022, 00:46
by charlielima223
A slow down in production numbers due to COVID cautions during certain production lots, block 4 upgrades/add ons, along with inflation... the price of the F-35 is looking to go up... ... to-change/
Now, several years of declining per-unit prices — the cost of an F-35A steadily decreased from $89 million in Lot 11 to nearly $78 million by Lot 14 — are about to come to an end. The lower quantity of purchased fighters, the pandemic and the addition of more capabilities will cause the price of an F-35 to rise in the coming lots, Smith said.

“You’re adding capabilities, you’re buying more of a jet now,” he explained. “Your prices are going to go up a bit. You can’t [get the price lower] by cutting 100 airplanes out of a lot buy.”

however this could be a short term issue as supply chains gradually become more stable and production levels gradually ramp up back to pre-COVID numbers...

In subsequent years, he added, “our intent is to continue to ramp” up production. In a re-baseline agreement for the F-35 program struck in September 2021, Lockheed agreed to start delivering 156 F-35s a year from 2023, onward.

Right now, Lockheed is wrapping up production of Lot 13 F-35s, and the company expects to deliver much of the remaining Lot 14 fighters in the first half of 2023.

The firm is already starting production of Lot 15 at the Fort Worth factory, and deliveries are expected to begin in the second half of 2023.

Lot 16 and 17 fighters will follow, and Smith said some sub-suppliers are already starting preliminary work on some parts that will go into Lot 16.

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by Corsair1963
Congress boosts Pentagon budget, Ukraine spending in omnibus

WASHINGTON — Congress on Tuesday released its fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill that includes $27.9 billion in emergency U.S. Department of Defense spending for Ukraine on top of a $69.3 billion budget increase for the Pentagon over FY 22 levels.

The bill funds the 8% total defense budget increase that Congress passed last week and includes $797.7 billion in DoD funding to help the Pentagon cope with inflation, bolster the Navy and expand industrial base capacity.....

QUOTE: In addition to shipbuilding, the omnibus provides $8.5 billion to procure 61 F-35 fighter jets and restore another 19. That’s on top of another $2.1 billion to continue modernizing the F-35 program. ... n-omnibus/

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by spazsinbad
F-35 deliveries halted after Texas mishap; new contract finalized
31 Dec 2022 Stephen Losey

"WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin on Friday announced it halted acceptance flights and deliveries of new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters amid an investigation into the cause of an F-35B mishap on a Texas runway this month. The halt means Lockheed delivered fewer F-35s than the 148 contractually required in 2022....

...Lockheed spokeswoman Laura Siebert told Defense News. “However, given the delivery pause, we delivered 141 aircraft” this year.

The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin also announced Friday they finalized a contract worth up to $30 billion to deliver up to 398 F-35s for U.S. and international customers over the program’s next three lots, from lots 15 through 17. However, the contract only guarantees lots 15 and 16, with an option for lot 17....

...The latest contract for F-35s could include more fighters than the Pentagon originally estimated. When the handshake agreement was announced in July, William LaPlante, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer, said the deal was for about 375 aircraft.

But the maximum order of 398 fighters Lockheed Martin will now build — 145 in lot 15, 127 in lot 16 and an option to build up to 126 in lot 17 — is still 80 fewer than those included in the previous $34 billion contract for lots 12 through 14, signed in 2019....

...Lockheed said it has so far delivered 894 F-35s worldwide, including the 141 from this year. Other nations that will receive fighters as part of the latest contract include Australia, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and the U.K....

...The average price of an F-35A aircraft vehicle — that is, everything in the fighter except the engine — will increase 6.5% between lot 14 and lot 17, Lockheed said. The company added it was able to hold the cost growth down below the rate of inflation.

The per-unit aircraft vehicle cost for an F-35A was $65.6 million in lot 14, Lockheed said. That cost will increase to $70.2 million in lot 15, before dropping to $69.3 million in lot 16 and then rising again to $69.9 million in lot 17.

Siebert said the government’s contract with F135 engine-maker Pratt & Whitney is not finalized, so the total price for an F-35 including the engine cannot yet be calculated.

This is a shift from the previous contract, which saw several years of declining F-35 costs. The Pentagon said in 2019 the average price per F-35 would fall about 12.8% from lot 11 to lot 14....

...The F-35s being built for lot 15 and beyond will include greater capabilities, most notably the inclusion of Technology Refresh 3 upgrades to the jet’s hardware and software, which Lockheed said is also contributing to the price increase. The TR3 upgrades are intended to improve the F-35′s displays, processing capability and memory, while paving the way for the jet’s Block 4 modernization effort...."

Source: ... finalized/

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by spazsinbad
Pentagon awards $7.8 billion F-35 contract modification to Lockheed Martin
31 Dec 2022 REUTERS

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. Defense Department said on Friday it had awarded a $7.8 billion contract modification for F-35 aircraft to Lockheed Martin Corp.

"This modification adds scope to procure 127 F-35 Lot 16 aircraft," the Pentagon said in a statement.

The additional contract announced Friday takes the total deal between the company and the Pentagon for delivering 398 F-35s to $30 billion, the company said.

Source: ... r-AA15Po5L

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by spazsinbad
Pentagon And Lockheed Martin Finalize Lot 15-17 Agreement, Capping A Year Of International Growth
30 Dec 2022 LM PR

"F-35 Fleet Now at 894 Aircraft After 141 Deliveries in 2022

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The F-35 Joint Program Office and Lockheed Martin have finalized the contract for the production and delivery for up to 398 F-35s for $30 billion, including U.S., international partners and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) aircraft in Lots 15 and 16, with the option for Lot 17.

"The F-35 delivers unsurpassed capability to our warfighters and operational commanders," said Air Force Lt. Gen. Mike Schmidt, program executive officer, F-35 Joint Program Office. "This contract strikes the right balance between what's best for the U.S. taxpayers, military services, allies and our foreign military sales customers. The F-35 is the world's premier multi-mission, 5th-generation weapon system, and the modernized Block 4 capabilities these new aircraft will bring to bear strengthens not just capability, but interoperability with our allies and partners across land, sea, air and cyber domains."

The agreement includes 145 aircraft for Lot 15, 127 for Lot 16, and up to 126 for the Lot 17 contract option, including the first F-35 aircraft for Belgium, Finland and Poland.

Lot 15-17 aircraft will be the first to include Technical Refresh-3 (TR-3), the modernized hardware needed to power Block 4 capabilities. TR-3 includes a new integrated core processor with greater computing power, a panoramic cockpit display and an enhanced memory unit.

These aircraft will add to the growing global fleet, currently at 894 aircraft after 141 deliveries this year. The F-35 team was on track to meet the commitment of 148 aircraft as planned; however, due to a temporary pause in flight operations, which is still in effect, necessary acceptance flight tests could not be performed.

The finalized contract caps off a year of the F-35 delivering combat-proven airpower around the world and continued international growth. This year, Finland, Germany and Switzerland signed Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs) as an important step in their procurement of F-35 aircraft.

"Continuing to add new countries to our global F-35 fleet further validates the capability and affordability of this aircraft in providing 21st Century Security to nations and allies," said Bridget Lauderdale, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager, F-35 Program. "There is simply no other aircraft that can do all that the F-35 does to defeat and deter even the most advanced threats."

F-35 program participants currently include 17 countries. To date, more than 1,870 pilots and 13,500 maintainers have been trained, and the F-35 fleet has surpassed more than 602,000 cumulative flight hours."

Source: ... nal-Growth

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by spazsinbad
Lockheed Reveals Big F-35 Airframe Order, Admits Delivery Setback
30 Dec 2022 Steve Trimble

"...The signing of the three-year contract completes a three-year-long, marathon negotiating process between Lockheed and the Joint Program Office (JPO), but still leaves questions hovering around the final price of each of the three variants as annual production volume begins to decline.

The final price tag on each variant will remain a mystery until the JPO completes a separate round of contract talks with Pratt & Whitney, the F-35 engine supplier, a Lockheed spokeswoman says.

The F135 engine generally consumes about 18-19% of the overall flyaway cost of the F-35A. If that trend remains consistent, the cost of an F-35A ordered in Lot 15 would rise to about $82-83 million each, reflecting a 5-6.5% increase over F-35A flyaway costs in Lot 14. Lockheed says the airframe will cost about $69-70 million each during the new, three-year ordering period.

Costs are rising as annual production declines over the three-year period, with 145 aircraft ordered in Lot 15, 127 in Lot 16 and 125 for Lot 17....

...Lockheed halted deliveries after Dec. 15 due to a grounding order following the crash of an F-35B during a post-production check flight in Fort Worth. Lockheed instead delivered 141 F-35s in 2022, falling one aircraft shy of its production record set a year before."

Source: ... ry-setback

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by spazsinbad
$30 Billion F-35 Deal Will See Prices Rise, Deliveries Dip
03 Jan 2023 John A. Tirpak

"...The agreed Lot 15-17 numbers average 132 airplanes per year; well below the 156 per year predicted by Lockheed Martin CEO Jim Taiclet in an investors’ call a year ago. Lockheed is anxious to avoid a boom-and-bust cycle of production, as it plays havoc with workforce and economic materials purchases. In a January 2022 investor call, CFO John Mollard said “the last thing you want is a sawtooth pattern” of up-and-down production rates....

...The unit cost of the fighters will average about $75 million a copy, but that is without the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine. With the engine, the last three-lot deal achieved a unit cost below $80 million per jet. The JPO did not provide Air & Space Forces Magazine an all-up cost for the fighters in Lots 15-17.

For the airframe and mission equipment only, the Lot 15-17 cost of F-35s ranges “from $70.2 million to $69.9 million for the F-35A, $80.9 million to $78.3 million for the F-35B, and $90 to $89.3 million for the F-35C,” a Lockheed spokesperson said....

,,,From Lot 14 to 17, “the F-35A aircraft vehicle cost, on average, only increased 6.5 percent; less than the rate of inflation,” the Lockheed spokesperson added. The Lot 15 airplanes are already in early stages of manufacture.

The agreement represented the longest period of negotiation on an F-35 lot to date. The “handshake deal” was reached ten months after it was expected to be concluded—when it had already been under negotiation for more than a year—which former JPO officials said was due to extensive bargaining over inflation, labor costs for Lockheed, lingering supply chain effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the uncertainties attending the services’ planned buys. The final deal came after a further five months of haggling.

Lockheed has been warning for two years that Lot 15 and later lots would cost more due to the greater capability being built into the jet. Another factor has been the slower sales growth for the U.S. services, which are the biggest customers for the fighter.

Lot 15 is the first that will include Tech Refresh 3 (TR-3), which is a suite of more powerful processors and other capabilities that make the Block 4 version of the F-35 possible. Other improvements in Lot 15 include a panoramic cockpit display and a more powerful memory.

As part of the Block 4 upgrade, some 75 changes are in the works. These include new or additional weapons, communications and networking upgrades, electronic warfare improvements, cockpit and navigation enhancements, and “radar and [sensor] fusion updates,” the Lockheed spokesperson said....

...The [Fort Worth 15 Dec] accident stopped both final test flights and acceptance flights. There are now nine aircraft waiting for final test and delivery...."

Source: ... eries-dip/

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by laos
When will deliveries of Lot 17 aircraft begin?

Re: F-35 program updates

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by pron
laos wrote:When will deliveries of Lot 17 aircraft begin?

If this is right -

FY 2024 (Lot 15)
FY 2025 (Lot 16)
FY 2026 (Lot 17)