First USAF pilot hits 1,000 flying hours in F-35A

Production milestones, roll-outs, test flights, service introduction and other milestones.
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Corsair1963 wrote:What the USAF only has 186 F-22's and only part of them are frontline combat units. So, you think the USAF has no other non F-22 Units assigned to the "Air Superiority Role"??? (really)

You have forgotten to include the three USAF F-15C/D squadrons based overseas: one at Lakenheath and two at Kadena with about 18 aircraft plus spares per squadron.

According to the USAF the Florida Air National Guard will begin receiving their first F-35As in 2024. That can hardly be counted as a current F-35A squadron dedicated to an air superiority mission.
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Real Fighter Pilot Walks You Through a Day in the Life as a USAF Pilot

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