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All about the Pratt & Whitney F135 and the (cancelled) General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136
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That_Engine_Guy wrote:
tritonprime wrote:F136 engine video

Only 5 years old, and WAY old news :doh:

Welcome back; and FWI... reposting years-old flamebait is pretty much all he does.


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duplex wrote:Rolls Royce is already involved in F-135 Project, why on earth they tried to create a rival engine with GE ?
Why Pratt & Whitney didn't raise any objection to that ? I am a little hazy about the whole story .

The lift system itself consists of the Lift Fan, Clutch, Drive Shaft, Roll Posts and the Three Bearing Swivel Module . The Lift Fan was designed to be agnostic as to which of the two engines the program was originally supposed to have was supplying the power. It draws its power from the Drive Shaft coming from whichever engine. So, in this case it acts as a "subcontractor" to Pratt as part of the overall propulsion system. Had the F136 been allowed to continue into its planned role, Rolls Lift Fan probably would have for contract purposes also been a "subcontractor" to the GE/Rolls team.

In the case of the F136, GE and [another segment of] Rolls-Royce were partnered on developing the alternative engine envisioned as part of the F-35 program. Although initially conceived as a derivative of the YF120 in much the same manner as the F135 is a derivative of the F119, it was decided by the team early on to go for a fresh start which allowed them to utilize more advanced technology and optimize their engine more around the F-35 them. The F136 teaming also was part of the relationship between the US and its only Tier 1 Partner on the F-35, the UK.

Of course Pratt raised an objection... after all, every GE/Rolls F136 sold would mean less profit due to a lost sale of an F135. But that was only to be expected.
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F136 the F-35's Alternative Engine [6 page PDF attached] [NOTE THE YEAR DATE 2011]
Jun 2011 Chris Kjelgaard

"Its future as an alternative engine for the F-35 Lightning II is not assured at the time of writing, but the F136 is, nevertheless, a major technological achievement. Chris Kjelgaard reports..."

Source: AIR International Magazine June 2011 Vol.80 No.6
GE F136 Air International Jun 2011 pp6.pdf
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GE F136 GRAPHIC Air International Jun 2011.jpg
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