New U.S. Navy Weapons Plan Favors Speed Over Range

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Unread post19 Sep 2022, 23:49

New U.S. Navy Weapons Plan Favors Speed Over Range [BEST READ AT SOURCE]
19 Sep 2022 Brian Everstine

"The U.S. Navy’s plans for its future weapons have centered on one critical capability: range....

AIM-9X and AIM-120 upgrades scheduled ahead of AIM-260
Competition for HALO contract is emerging

...“We need to increase range, but we also need increased speed,” Cmdr. Garth Blakely, aviation weapons officer at the Office of Naval Operations, said on Sept. 10 during the annual Tailhook Association Symposium held outside Reno, Nevada. “We may potentially need increased speed more than increased range at this point.”...

...To that end, the Navy and Raytheon Technologies are working on more upgrades to the AIM-9Xs and AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles (Amraam) that can be delivered before the Lockheed Martin AIM-260 Joint Advanced Tactical Missile (JATM) is ready. That move is needed “not only to survive but to establish what we know will be required for our primary mission of maritime strike—temporal air superiority,” Blakely said.

For AIM-9X, the Navy is working with Raytheon on the current Block II missile’s system improvement package (SIP) III, which increases the reliability and replaces high-fail parts, Blakely said. The Navy and Raytheon are also developing a follow-on SIP IV to “increase the lethality capability” of the missile, he added.

The Navy is expanding its capacity on the latest Raytheon AIM-120D Amraams: The largest contract in the program’s history was announced in early September. The $972 million deal includes the U.S. along with foreign military sales to 19 other nations. The Navy and Raytheon are working on the SIP III variant of the missile, while simultaneously developing a follow-on SIP IV “refresh of the system” that will improve its ability to target threats across a wide spectrum. This will help bridge the gap as the Navy looks ahead to the Lockheed AIM-260 JATM, along with the Air Force.

For the air-to-surface mission, the Navy and Lockheed Martin are planning to reach initial operational capability for the latest AGM-158 C-1 Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) in 2023, which will increase the range of the cruise missile; further LRASM C-3 upgrades will follow. These efforts are laying the groundwork for the follow-on Hypersonic Air-Launched Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare Weapon Increment II (HALO).... [more at the URL]

...The capacity issue covers both air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, so the Navy wants to find new ways to meet this challenge. Blakely said the service is exploring how to create a low-cost, high-capacity “effector” that could augment high-end aircraft and other systems that are in development. That venture could be similar to the Air Force’s plan for a Standoff Attack Weapon, a new effort to produce a lower-cost long-range missile in a large quantity compared with more expensive missiles and aircraft to deliver them."

Graphic: "The Navy plans to extend the range of the AGM-158 C-1 Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile in 2023.
Credit: Lockheed Martin" ... romo_1.jpg

Source: ... over-range
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Unread post20 Sep 2022, 02:52

In the Anti-Ship Role the F-35C could easily carry 4- LRASMs, 2- JSMs, 2- Amraams, and 2- Sidewinders! That should make the PLAN sit up and take notice....


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