Wind tunnel testing of GBU-31(V1) for F-35A under way

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Unread post18 Nov 2021, 15:05

Wind tunnel testing of GBU-31(V1) for F-35A under way
Dec 2021 AirForces Monthly

Wind tunnel testing of GBU-31(V1) for F-35A.jpg

“This image released by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) on October 28 shows testing under way in the Australian Department of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology transonic wind tunnel of the 2,000lb GBU-31(V) air-to-ground weapon on an F-35A Lightning II model. The trials are being carried out in conjunction with the US Air Force’s Seek Eagle
program office. RAAF”

Source: AirForces Monthly December 2021 #405
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Unread post18 Nov 2021, 19:40

More pics



Here's some of @DefenceScience's latest work in the Transonic Wind Tunnel.

They're working with the US Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office on certifying the 2000-lb GBU-31 (V1) air-to-ground weapon for use with the F-35A Lightning. ... 7346577408




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Unread post18 Nov 2021, 19:48

I'm sorry but, that's no GBU-31 2,000 bomb.

1. Shapes all wrong.

2. Body stakes are all wrong.

3. Bomb body is waaay tooo long

I think it is realy the new, 5,000 lb GBU-72
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Unread post18 Nov 2021, 23:34

GBU-72 is enlarged BLU-109 shape.

EDIT: I'll take it back, this appears to be the normal GBU-31(V1), as labeled.
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