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Tamiya F-16CJ (Block 50), scale 1/32,

Unread postPosted: 11 Apr 2007, 18:08
by nellis
Hi everybody,
I would like to share this viper I'm building for almost six months, at this moment I'm busy weathering the plane. It is a block 50 from Shaw AFB, 20th FW, 77th FS with markings from Operation Iraqi Freedom.
After the weathering I'm going to do the missiles and the rest of the "remove before flight" tags.

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of it.

Cheersfrom Nellis.[/b]

Some more pictures.

Unread postPosted: 11 Apr 2007, 18:13
by nellis
Here are some more pictures of the plane.

And some more

Unread postPosted: 11 Apr 2007, 18:16
by nellis
And some more

RE: And some more

Unread postPosted: 12 Apr 2007, 04:14
by Scorpion1alpha
Looks like something is wrong with the nose like it's not completely attached.

Nose attached

Unread postPosted: 12 Apr 2007, 15:32
by nellis
Hi Scorpion1alpha,

I know what you mean, with this tamiya kit you have two possibilities, you can glue the nose completely, or leave it open, so everybody can see the radar attached inside, I have chosen the second, so I can set the nose open, so you can see the radar.

RE: Nose attached

Unread postPosted: 14 Apr 2007, 05:43
by Scorpion1alpha
Ah, that's why. That feature is real neat. I would leave it as is too then. You should show that radar part too.

Unread postPosted: 29 Nov 2008, 17:37
by proudpop
How about Building the Radar AND gluing the nose on?

Unread postPosted: 30 Aug 2013, 12:58
by brett309
Nice work done. I really like it and I do find it quite interesting though that these pieces show up. It's been amazing to see this. This is a nicely designed and would seem a better fit. You truly get what you did for this model.