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Re: Russian UAV/UCAV developments

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2019, 13:03
by mixelflick
milosh wrote:
falcon.16 wrote:A temporary solution which will continue maybe 15-20 years.

Offical plan is 2024/2025 and I think it is possible because new chief of RuAF is fan of drones, he is ex-army and he isn't pleased about what RuAF can do for boots on ground. That is one reason why Su-57 orders were reduced and delayed, if ex-pilot is RuAF chief Su-57 would be probable in serial production right now.

Meaning what exactly? The SU-57/Hunter combo will be geared more toward air to ground? Or that Hunter will have A2G capability built in whereas the SU-57 does not? It seems as if the SU-57 was born as a pure fighter, to compete with the F-22. Shortly thereafter, we heard about all of the SU-57's air to ground capabilities being added. And electronic warfare. And a carrier based variant. And a SEAD platform. And a "mothership" to control/ work with Hunter drone. And, and, and...

Maybe its just me, but it feels like they're throwing everything against the wall, hoping something will stick. And thus far, nobody seems to want it: India got cold feet. Syria has come out and said they're not buying it. I doubt the Chinese will need any, unless they're in need of stealing/copying its stage 2 engine (assuming that comes to pass).

Seriously though, I really feel for the SU-57 design team. Sounds like it hasn't been easy!!

Re: Russian UAV/UCAV developments

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2019, 17:18
by milosh

IMO Su-57 role is primarily to fill gap which retirement of oldest MiG-31 will make in russian AD system.