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Re: Engine inlet bleed doors removed?

Unread postPosted: 11 Nov 2022, 19:27
by f119doctor
Correct, the F119 does have vanes between the HPT and LPT blades. Since it is counterrotating, the LPT vanes don't do much flow turning, but are shaped to spread the flow over the full span of the LPT blades. Eliminating the LPT vanes was one design objective early in the program, but they couldn't make it work. The LPT vanes also bring cooling air inboard and inject it into the air cooled LPT blade root area.

The F119 HPT blades are approximately twice the size of F100 HPT blades in both span and chord. This and the thick bore areas of the turbine disk necessary for strength and durability along with the packaging of the HPT and LPT aft bearings add to the length of the turbine package.

This discussion of the F119 engine attributes is interesting, but well off topic.