AF Chief Hints at Retiring the F-22

Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
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Unread post08 Jun 2021, 01:45

Red herring. Every one of those F-22s just completed a structural repairs program designed to increase airframe life by 8000 hours. Now we are supposed to believe the USAF will junk them early… reminds me of how every single news outlet blindly reported that 247 F-22s had undergone the SRP. Not buying it.


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Unread post08 Jun 2021, 02:15

quicksilver wrote:“The oldest F-22A would be ~24 years young in 2030. RAAF F/A-18A will be ~40 years old when those leave service. IIRC F-35 is to have a 50 year service-life. But USAF needs NGADs in 2030 because ... er, ... because it will be both more capable, and way cheaper with no software issues at all, and will be able to defeat a capability which still won't exist until long after NGAD is shafted by the head of USAF in 2047 to make way for something even more capable and far cheaper ... with zero software issues.“


Apples and Oranges.....While, I don't see the F-22 retiring in the near future. I have my doubts that they will be around post 2030.

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