F-22 Special Air International Jul 2015 [note date] pp25 PDF

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Unread post31 Mar 2021, 01:08

F-22 Special Air International Jul 2015 pp25 [AIR International JULY 2015 Vol.89 No.1] attached [note date 2015]
F-22 Special Air International Jul 2015 pp25.pdf
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Some things from this I think are interesting.

The issue of cramped cockpit is mentioned here again, and I think that's the reason why HMCS was hard to integrate into the F-22, especially since the JHMCS sticks out so much. Hopefully newer systems that are integrated into the helmet instead of being just a bolt on can reduce that footprint.

Software integration was ongoing even after aircraft was operational in 2007. In fact, it says that first BVR missions were first flown in 2014.

F-22's mission and community might not be for everyone, like with the F-22 squadron commander who chose to go back to F-15Es for being more versatile and having more potential duty postings.

The aircraft's actual performance and stealth is as expected, extremely impressive.

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