Question about F22 speed-brakes

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quicksilver wrote:Glowing hot nozzle and exhaust up through roughly the :45 mark. That’s not ab and you’re not seeing the turbines; engine runs at higher rpm and temps for STOVL flight. ... _PkobuY0U-





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What happens if speed is set at for example 250 knots, say for example after coming in low for the cannons to fire on a ground target and the thrust lever is moved to Full Military Thrust immediatley after firing to have enough power to pull up almost immedoatly.
Will the plane accelerate past the speed set by the speed knob should the thrust levers be moved Full Military Thrust? Or will the pilot have to do both move the lever and set speed at the same time?
Cannot for the life of me underatand why the damn computer wants to fly more than the pilot.

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