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Re: YF-22 vs YF-23

Unread postPosted: 16 Feb 2021, 20:06
by quicksilver
Many here speak as if ‘politics’ don’t count. News flash...

Re: YF-22 vs YF-23

Unread postPosted: 21 Feb 2021, 09:24
by zero-one
Just noticed that Eric Able said the YF-23 and 22 never had identical test points which made it very hard to make an apples to apples comparison.

I think this perfectly explains why in Paul Metz's own charts, the YF-23 had a faster supercruise speed while the YF-22 had a faster top speed. I think the supercruise test was taken in conditions that favored the 23 while the top speed test favored the 22.

Not trying to argue which is better anymore, as I agree with engr. Rick Able at this point, both had ther advantages over the other and that he couldn't care less who won, the USAF would get a winner, so the decision came down to who can manage the program better, and at that point they though it was Lockheed.

Unlike the TFX program where he said that the Boeing proponent was clearly better.