Norwegian F-35As take up QRA duties in Iceland

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Unread post26 Mar 2021, 09:11

Their QRA deployment just wrapped up. Video in the link... ... 8872709120


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Unread post26 Mar 2021, 11:47

- We have received confirmation that the F-35 system works more than well enough for the QRA mission.

This is what head of department Tron Strand writes in an email to the Armed Forces' forum.

- That we have also trained with American B-1 and B-2 from Iceland, and received several F-35 aircraft in connection with the increased production (in connection with the training of pilots, journ. Note) on Luke, shows that we have the capacity to carry out several sharp missions and allied training in a NATO Air Policing scenario as in Iceland, he continues.

During the stay in Iceland, which gathered a Norwegian force contribution consisting of 150 people and four F-35 fighter jets, there have also been unusual events.

Among other things, the area where the Norwegian detachment was stationed was hit by several earthquakes.

- While we have been here, there have been around 30,000-40,000 earthquakes, before the volcano had one eruption and lava flowed out at the end of our period here. After this, the earthquakes have calmed down.

- We have noticed the slightly larger earthquakes, where buildings have shaken well. Despite this, the assignment has gone as normal, and we have been on standby throughout the period, Strand writes.

The mission in Iceland is the second time in one year that Norway is on standby for NATO with the F-35.

According to the Armed Forces, the next milestone for the F-35 is the takeover of the QRA contingency at Evenes from 2022.

Google translated from: ... nok/190700

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has done a great job in Iceland, well done! 8)


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Unread post01 Apr 2021, 05:54

Norwegian F-35s and personnel from Luke are participating in Red Flag 21-2. Interesting that qualifying crews are sent directly to Red Flag. Underlines the unique training capabilities and flexibility that the US has to offer.

One of the Norwegian "B-course students" (B-course is type check on F-35 and tactical qualification) has almost finished a 9-month training course to be certified as an F-35 pilot. He says that being able to participate in the Red Flag has been very good, and that the exercise has provided invaluable experience. No other arena provides this type of training and experience.

- The complexity and tactical challenge you face under Red Flag is not exposed to anywhere else in peacetime, the pilot says.

- The exercise has had great value for both participants and for the Air Force as a whole. It also sends clear signals about the important partnership between the nations in the F-35 program, where we stand together to deliver air power in the right place, at the right time, with the right effect, says Eriksen.

He further says that being able to send home newly trained pilots who have already been through such advanced exercises as Red-Flag, is a bonus that will benefit the Air Force in the future.

- Participation in Red Flag is something that will also be a priority in the years to come, in order to train the best possible F-35 pilots for the Air Force, Eriksen concludes. ... 2fCKCDpzhk
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Unread post01 Apr 2021, 06:04

Earlier more text info about same subject 'BeeBee' here: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=27952&p=451967&hilit=Eriksen#p451967
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